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          With Low-carbon Philosophy, For A Green Future | DFE Yielded Fruitful Results at 2023 Green Low-carbon High-quality Development Conference
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          On August 28-30, 2023, the 2023 Green Low-carbon High-quality Development Conference, the first international event on green and low-carbon high-quality development in and for Shandong, kicked off at Yantai Bajiaowan International Convention & Exhibition Center where Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd. (“DFE”) attracted leaders from provincial and municipal authorities as well as guests, visitors, and experts from all walks of life for profound exchanges.

                                                                                   ▲ On Site

          With focus on the new concepts, trends and technologies towards “dual carbon” goals under the theme of “Intelligent Low-Carbon Leads the Future”, the Conference welcomed over 900 participants, including leaders of governmental agencies, representatives from international organizations and associations, academicians and experts, heads of enterprises in “dual carbon”, and representatives from universities and media, to discuss the path for “dual carbon” goals towards a low-carbon future.

          DFE, as the undertaker of this Conference and the organizer of the Session on Photovoltaic Storage Integration and "Dual-carbon" Development and the International Cooperation Workshop on Green and Sustainable Development for Cities, initiated the founding of the Industry Development Alliance for New Energy Equipment, for which Mr. Fang Zhengji, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of the Group, was invited as a guest of honor. On this valuable event, DFE achieved

          (I) DFE Digital Outcomes on “Green and Low-carbon” Technologies

          In line with its strategies around products, services, and experience, DFE fully showcased its efforts to empower the low-carbon industry, cities, and society with digital technologies and philosophy to create value for customers based on its extraordinary outcomes on “green and low-carbon” technologies.

                                                                                                   ▲DFE innovations on CCTV Xinwen Lianbo

          DFE introduced its creations on its stand to visitors and guests at home and abroad, including “DFE Model”, “DFE Wheeled Robot”, and “DFE Quadruped Robot” (CyberDog), which arouse extensive attention and news coverage by central and provincial media.

           (II) DFE City-level Virtual Plant Solution

          Mr. Fang Zhengji, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of the Group and General Manager of Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd., unveiled the city-level virtual power plant solution amid the Conference. DFE is now committed to building Shandong’s first city-level virtual power plant in Yantai to shape an “energy safety resilience” city and formation of “a green style for production and living”. It is expected to build a 500,000KW resource pool with adjustable load in 2024, which is equivalent to 500,000KW traditional power generation and a less cost of RMB2.1 billion, thus saving 300 acres of land and reducing 1.89 million tons of carbon. With the increasing number of new energy vehicles in Yantai, the virtual power plant is believed to bring more economical and low-carbon benefits.

                                                                              ▲Mr. Fang introducing the virtual power plant in Yantai

          Amid the Session on Photovoltaic Storage Integration and “Dual-carbon” Development, Dong Wenjie, Director of DFE Integrated Energy Business Unit, made a keynote speech titled “Intelligent Energy Innovation and Exploration”, introducing DFE’s efforts in innovation on intelligent energy to the leaders and guests on site.

                                                                     ▲Dong Wenjie, Director of DFE Integrated Energy Business Unit, making a speech

           (III) Leaders from Global Fortune 500 and Industry-leading Enterprises to DFE for

          During the Conference, leaders from Global Fortune 500 and industry-leading enterprises like Siemens, Huawei Digital Power, Binzhou New Energy Group, Tongfang Smart Energy, Shandong Electrical Engineering & Equipment Group Co., Ltd., and China Southern Power Grid Energy Storage Co., Ltd. visited DFE to seek the path for advantage complement and profound cooperation.

          ▲Huawei Digital Power signing cooperation agreement with DFE

           (IV) Intensive Communication between DFE and Customers, Industry Associations,

          Amid the Conference, DFE had in-depth exchanges with customers and industry associations and institutions like CAST Clean Energy Society Consortium, Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, China Energy Research Society, and Tsinghua University.

                                                                                                      ▲IUIA delegation to Wisdom Industrial Park

          Under the strong leadership of CPC Yantai Municipal Committee and Yantai Municipal People’s Government, DFE, as part of the preparatory taskforces, actively participated in the organization of this international event and undertook several important sessions to contribute its wisdom and strength.

          The new technologies, products, and scenarios displayed on site fully demonstrated the strength and excellent of DGE in green and low-carbon industry as well as digital new energy fields. DFE had intensive and fruitful talks and exchanges with key customers, partners, and industry associations on market trends and demands, in a bid to seek further cooperation.

          DFE plans to leverage this opportunity and the national strategy on “dual carbon” goals and new power systems for rapid growth with higher quality centering on comprehensive energy, virtual power plant, new energy, and energy storage, thereby making greater contributions for Yantai in pursuit of a trillion-level city.