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          Digital Grid

          ●Integrated system solution for electric energy collection and management

          The electric energy collection and management integrated system is a comprehensive quasi-real-time information collection and analysis management system that integrates modern digital communication technology, computer hardware and software technology, electric energy metering technology, electric load management technology and electric marketing technology.

          Virtual power plant

          The virtual power plant will serve as an important tool for power consumption management of the whole society, with the principle of prioritizing response to electricity demand while basically ensuring normal electricity consumption, guiding users to participate in the power regulation as an effort to balance peak and valley electricity demand and ultimately enhance reliability and operation efficiency of the power grid.

          Energy storage

          Energy storage technology is a crucial link in implementing energy revolution as it can solve major strategic issues such as large-scale use of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy, multi-energy complementary utilization, electrification of energy in terminal side, and construction of smart energy networks.

          Power marketing management system

          As a core domestic supplier in the field of IT application in power marketing, we are the constructor of the marketing management system and customer service platform of the Southern Power Grid and a participant in the construction of the marketing management system of the State Grid, providing strong momentum for the digital transformation of the power industry.